Right Wing Censorship – The Norm?

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I have been the victim of right wing censorship when it comes to comments. Apparently, rather than trying to debate an issue, or debunking information they think is wrong, (right) wingers ) would RATHER censor information that conflicts with their point of view rather than attempting to present information that shows their viewpoint is accurate. Why?

The right wing does not share any FACTUAL information!!!

Have you wondered why that is?

The ANSWER is simple. The right wing’s only support, and reason for still being in existence, is that they they only present “information” that their programmed base believes in and will follow without question. Their only subsistence and source of information to survive,

The right wing LIES to members of their base to KEEP those radical right wing-nuts spending money FOR and supporting the radical right agenda. Those poor people who are following  the right wing nuts without question are being SCREWED big time, and then told they are having GOOD things being done to them.

Talk about being blind, and not seeing who is SCREWING you!!! That’s the essence of the modern day Teapuublican party!


It’s Time to Investigate Boehner, Issa, and the Republican Criminal Conspiracy

A conspiracy is an agreement to perform together, an illegal, wrongful, or subversive act, and according to legal statutes is a crime in and of itself. Beginning on Inauguration night in 2009, Republicans conspired to deliberately obstruct any and all attempts by new President, Barack Obama, to reverse the devastation of their economic malfeasance that led to the worst recession since the Great Depression, and whether or not it was an illegal act, it was certainly wrongful and subversive. Over the past four-and-a-half years, Republicans have systematically conspired to abrogate their duty as legislators, and between swearing oaths to violate Article 1, Section 8, of the U.S. Constitution, to fabricating false scandals to take down President Obama, or serving corporate interests, it is high time to demand an investigation into Republicans in Congress and take appropriate action to remove them from office.

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GOP’s war on women has a new face: Marsha Blackburn – Salon.com

Blackburn would seem to be an odd choice to help Republicans improve their popularity with women. On “Meet the Press” just two weeks ago she made headlines by insisting women “don’t want” equal pay laws (she of course voted against the Lilly Ledbetter fair pay act.) Now she’s insisting that the House GOP’s anti-abortion bill is meant to help women, too. While it now includes an exception for victims of rape and incest, it will only apply to women who have reported those crimes to police, when a majority of survivors do not.

via GOP’s war on women has a new face: Marsha Blackburn – Salon.com.

GOP Rams Through Farm Bill Without Food Stamps

SNAP kept 4.7 million families out of poverty in 2011 alone. It has one of the lowest fraud rates of any federal program, and with a return of nearly $2 for every dollar spent it is one of the most efficient ways the government can spend money to help people. Experts say severing the program from the farm bill exposes it to being neglected or gutted.

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The Terrible Twos…er…TEAS –

The Terrible Twos…er…TEAS –.

Ah, the Terrible Twos: nature’s great leveler when it comes to parenting. No matter how many books you’ve read or classes you’ve taken, it WILL happen. It’s unavoidable; the thing’s hard-wired, after all.

Did the vicious little thug want his binky? Did he need his diapers changed? Was he concerned about the regulation of derivatives and credit default swaps? No, strike the third possibility. He wasn’t rational enough to follow any of that hoohah. And then it hit me. It all came together in one of those blinding flash thingies. Whumph! Little Osama bin Oshkosh tamping his widdle feets so deafeninglywas the very model of the modern Tea Partier!


Oh, fine, scorn my big eureka moment: The Terrible Twos = The Terrible TEAS! But you’ll know I’m right when you actually stop to consider it. To speed YOUR epiphany, I’ve gone and ransacked the web to bolster my argument…

Republican Geography 101

In keeping with this new wave of innovation in education, Glenn Beck even has his own online college! Republicans are also spreading the word via home schooling texts like “Of Pandas and People.” Heck, even Mike Huckabee has his own edutainment cartoon series! Let’s take a look at how we’ll see the world in the Republican future:

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