Signs of new climate ‘normal’ apparent in hot 2012

Signs of new climate ‘normal’ apparent in hot 2012

Sea ice of Greenland is pictured as captured by the MODIS instrument on NASA's Aqua satellite in this October 16, 2012 handout photo. REUTERS/NASA/GSFC/Jeff Schmaltz/MODIS Land Rapid Response Team/HandoutLast year was one of the 10 hottest on record, with sea levels at record highs, Arctic ice at historic lows and extreme weather in various corners of the globe signaling a “new normal,” scientists said Tuesday in the 2012 State of the Climate report.

Meant to be a guide for policymakers, the report did not attribute the changes in climate to any one factor, but made note of continued increases in heat-trapping greenhouse gases including carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide.

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President Obama gives Jay Leno new car for collection

President Obama gives Jay Leno new car for collection

Wrapping up his sixth Tonight Show appearance with Jay Leno —and probably his last before the host hands over the reins of the franchise to Jimmy Fallon early next year — President Barack Obama said he’d come with a parting gift for a man who owns perhaps Hollywood’s most famous car collection.

“There’s one piece that’s missing,” Obama said, unveiling a Matchbox-size replica of the presidential limousine, complete with flying flags above the headlights.

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Complete Guide to Troop ID Military and Veteran Discounts

Complete Guide to Troop ID Military and Veteran Discounts

Until recently, brands and non-profits were unable to deliver military and veteran discounts through their website or mobile apps because they were unable to verify their customers eligibility. Troop ID  solved this problem by creating a digital ID card for service members and veterans so they had a secure means of proving their identity online. The service — free to service members and veterans — launched on November 12, 2012 with Under Armour. Since launch, many more brands like Overstock and Tough Mudder have integrated the technology.
The following list is a comprehensive guide to Troop ID protected military and veteran discounts:

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