About AntiTEApublican

I discovered years ago that the republicans do not hold the values I hold to be important. I used to vote sometimes for a republican, but after I voted for our governor and he was elected to the Senate, I learned my lesson. Not only did he lead some filibusters against President Clinton, who I also voted for, but it was as though he tossed his concern for the people of this country (if he ever had any) out the door.

Since President Obama has been in office, republicans in Congress have tried their hardest to work AGAINST him, in fact they set a new record of more than double any previous records in the history of the United states for the amount of obstructionism in Congress by any political party.

Not only that, but republicans seem to now only support legislation important to the wealthiest Americans. Even though the wealthiest Americans have the lowest tax rates they’ve had in many years, and the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy did NOT create any new jobs, they only put us deeper in debt, republicans absolutely refuse to increase taxes on the wealthy and make them pay their fair share of taxes.

Instead, republicans have tried to save money is by cutting funding for programs that Americans need most. They’ve tried to cut food stamp funding, Social Security, Medicare, school lunch programs, and anything else that people really depend on. They work towards shrinking the middle class even more than they did during the Bush years, putting more people in poverty, and then take away any help for the poor they can at every opportunity.

Republicans have declared war on women’s reproductive rights. (generally old white men voting for these restrictive neanderthal laws) Republicans pass and try to pass more voting laws that will prevent more minorities from voting. Republicans fight against gay rights. Republicans fight against workers’ rights by fighting against unions. Republicans fight against anyone who mentions raising the minimum wage. Republicans refuse to accept the fact of human caused global warming, and refuse to do anything to slow down or prevent the greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere. Republicans refuse passing laws to protect wildlife and the environment. Republicans bend over backwards to help the gas and oil industries (only logical since they receive about 80% of the campaign contributions from the gas and oil industry), but fight the development of renewable clean energy. The list goes on and on.

The republican party serves non minorities who pollute the environment, are wealthy and think women are second class citizens.

For everyone else, it really is in your best interests to vote Democrat.

Should I vote republican or Democrat?

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