Climate Change Denier “Censors” Climate Change Proof

Global Warming DenierThere was recently global warming denier propaganda posted on by a climate change denier. The denier posted misinformation about global warming having hit a “plateau”.

Here is where the link to the misinformation is posted:

At least 3 comments with factual information supporting global warming were immediately deleted by the denier who posted the link.

The fact of the matter is that there has been no global warming plateau, and in reality global warming is taking place FASTER than we have previously known!

Here is the information that had been posted in the comments section, and “censored” by the climate change denier.

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Global warming has NOT hit a plateau, that is simply a myth by deniers. The truth of the matter is that global warming is occuring FASTER than we have been told!

The “No Warming in 16 Years” Crock

Global warming hasn’t stopped by any objective measure; it is proceeding right on schedule. In many respects (e.g. the dramatic loss of Arctic sea ice this summer), it is well ahead of schedule,” Mann told LiveScience in an email

the last 35 years have shown an increase in global temperatures. But the warming has varied from year-to-year. Various weather events, such as El Nino, along with volcanic activity have an impact on this year-to-year variation. The upward trend is driven by greenhouse warming from human-created emissions. Watch this video, even after those natural causes are taken out we still see an upward trend in temperatures over the last 16-years.

When the facts pertaining to the arguments are viewed in context relevance becomes obvious. Global warming is happening and it is human caused. There is no valid evidence that can prove otherwise. False representations or facts out of context are not a proof of any kind, they are merely incorrect (Loads of myth BUSTING facts here!

Debunking The Dumbest Denier Myth (Again)

In Hot Water: Global Warming Has Accelerated In Past 15 Years, New Study Of Oceans Confirms

That graph is the work of the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature (BEST) project, led by former climate skeptic – yes, skeptic – Richard Muller. As we noted last year, Muller was surprised to find that his own analysis of temperature data closely matched those of the scientists he had previously criticized

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Apparently the only way deniers can get people to believe their propaganda is to make sure people don’t see the FACTS!