Republican Senator Shoots Down His Own Party’s IRS Obama Scandal

An unintended consequence of the Republican attacks on the IRS has been that they have shined a big spotlight on their own dark money activities. People are now finding out that these conservative groups have been committing perjury by lying to IRS on a regular basis about their partisan political activities in order to avoid paying taxes.

The Republican planned summer of Obama scandals has sputtered and died. House Republicans will continue to chase their own tails on Benghazi and the IRS, but Blunt’s comments illustrate that a large majority of the Senate has no interest in pursuing bogus Obama scandals.
It looks like some parts of the mainstream media might be starting to figure out that the Republican strategy is to lie to them on a daily basis. Even full awareness of the GOP’s strategy won’t stop the press from reporting their lies as facts, but maybe they’ll actually ask a question or two before they pass off cooked up scandals and talking points as facts.

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